Why do you need this four volume collection?

Debunk the myths about the attacks

The Sheffield Blitz stands as one of the most life-changing moments in the city's history, with hardly a suburb spared during the two-night terror raid. While stories have been passed down from generation to generation, do you know the real reason Hitler targeted Sheffield? This four-book collection provides the definitive account and holds the answer – one that will surely surprise you.

Learn about the city's inspirational World War Two past

During the Sheffield Blitz, over a tenth of the city's population was left homeless, with over 2,000 killed and wounded. Instead of succumbing to despair in anticipation of a German invasion, the people of Sheffield grew even more determined to resist the Nazis. The Women of Steel played a crucial role in running armament factories, while the men went off to war. Even Winston Churchill acknowledged the resilient nature of the Sheffield people, citing them as an inspiring example for the entire country.

Stunning coffee table books

These A4-sized coffee table books are a visual and
tactile delight. Each book is a time machine back to Sheffield's past - a past
that is brought back to life with stunning photos, first-hand memories and a
superbly researched narrative.

Tactile experience

These are books you can touch, feel, and lose yourself in
- we're firm believers in the printed page.

Conversation starters

Spark lively discussions with friends and family. This
collection serves not just as a personal journey into your family's past but as
an education into the reason so much of Sheffield looks like it does. First
hand accounts from survivors will provide an emotional attachment with historic

Enduring family keepsake

Beyond a one-time read, this collection becomes a timeless possession. A return to it is not just a revisiting but a continual rediscovery, ensuring the significance of this period and its impact on Sheffield is passed down to future generations.

What's inside your four-volume collection?

'Sheffield's Date With Hitler' - your introduction to the attacks

This book focuses on life in Sheffield as the country
counted down to war in the 1930s, a period marked as one of the most divisive in recent history. Oswald Mosley’s fascist meetings were met with resistance by
15,000 protestors outside Sheffield City Hall, while Churchill visited the same building to warn of Hitler’s re-armament programme. However, war preparation
signalled a booming economy for Sheffield’s steel industry – but at what cost?

The sirens, largely ignored as they rang out across the city
at 7pm on December 12, 1940, were presumed to signal another false alarm. But this night was unlike any other, as 300 German planes headed straight for the Steel City. Hundreds of lives were lost, vast swathes of Sheffield were razed to the ground, and nearly a tenth of the city's population was rendered homeless in the two night raid.

This book uncovers new evidence on the reasons for the
attacks. The anniversary edition includes additional chapters and extra pages.

'Forgotten Memories From A Forgotten Blitz' - the harrowing stories of survivors

This is full of the gripping stories of ordinary people
caught up in the midst of unimaginable horrors. Many are the last ever recorded
interviews by the last surviving generation that experienced the attacks.
Includes the memories of the last living fireman that fought the fires; the
stories of relief effort workers and incredible stories of ordinary people - citizens like your parents and grandparents -
caught up in extraordinary times. There are tales of heartbreak and humour and
incredible triumph over adversity as people found themselves trapped in the
burning city.

'Defiant!' - the Sheffield spirit that brought the city back from the brink

Hitler was determined to break the spirit of the UK
population with his blitz campaign. But he hadn’t counted on the stoical nature
of Sheffield. Despite thousands dead and wounded and a city in ruins he failed
to break their spirit. In fact Winston Churchill held up Sheffield as an
example to the entire nature as they became even more determined than ever to
beat Hitler. ‘Defiant!’ was the headline in The Star in the hours following the
attacks and this book is full of rare photos and memories the signifies the
unbreakable Sheffield spirit of past generations.


'Countdown to Sheffield Blitz' - Hitler's four year campaign to destroy Sheffield that finally ended with a V2 bomb that landed on Christmas Eve 1944 - four years after the blitz

The air raid sirens rang out over the city within hours of
war being declared in September 1939 – 15 months before the Sheffield Blitz.

It turned out to be a false alarm. The air raid sirens rang
out that many false alarms the public became almost blasé about them and
refused to leave their cinema seats.

This book reveals the full countdown to the attacks as
Hitler’s blitz campaign started in earnest over London in September 1940.

Provincial cities begun to be picked off one by one as the
German prepared for the invasion of the UK. It was only a matter of time for
Sheffield – one of the biggest armament producers in the world.

This book  every chronicles
every single raid over Sheffield – the final one being a V2 rocket that landed
on Christmas Eve 1944 – over four years after the blitz attacks.

Rare pictures and first hand accounts make this a gripping read.
Also includes full details of the Sheffield Blitz Heritage Walk.

  • Brilliant collection

    "Very thought provoking read,
    brilliant photos. I loved the memories of Sheffield folk who lived through this
    awful period in Sheffield's history. I would recommend this collection to anyone with
    an interest in Sheffield and its part in WW2."

  • A perfect gift

    "A wonderful history collection for my twin daughters. I’m now almost 82 years old and lived in Sheffield all my life and saw this collection and just had to have it for the girls and their respective families."

  • A time capsule through a harrowing piece of Sheffield history

    "Purchased this collection as a gift for
    my mum, who has lots of family history in Sheffield & sadly lost an auntie
    in the blitz. Lovely quality books with incredibly interesting & thought provoking
    stories, articles & pictures."

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