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Rock music was having a pretty tortuous existence in the latter half of the 1970s in Sheffield.

It was all sweetness and light in the early part of the decade with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath rising to prominence. 

But by 1976 a decidedly unwelcome guest had gate-crashed the party in the shape of punk rock.

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Our book containing the little-known stories of Coventry folk and their nights out in the 1970s is set to play a key role in a re-think of tourism across Europe!

The European Stories project – which pulls together tourism experts and academics from different countries across Europe – is looking to provide a voice to ordinary people and make their lives and experiences as culturally significant as established tourist hotspots.

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Peter Stringfellow blamed ‘the West Street crowd’ for the regular trouble in his Penthouse club in the late 1960s – he ended up selling up after a few months and moving his business interests to Leeds. But love it or hate it – West Street has had enduring after dark appeal for generations of Sheffield nightowls. The ‘West Street run’ was an essential rite of passage in earlier decades when pubs like the West Street Hotel, the Red Lion, the Saddle and others were essential stop off points. The iconic thoroughfare later became home to one of the city’s most...

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It was one of Sheffield’s most popular pubs and some have never got over the day it shut in 1973. In fact the owners were that worried about souvenir hunters they never formally announced its last day. The city’s Buccaneer was probably more a labyrinth than straightforward pub. It was actually a collection of dimly lit bars with a decidedly nautical theme.

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Though people talk about the golden years of the cabaret and Working Men’s Club circuit of the 1970s and early 1980s, it definitely was anything but plain sailing for venues and their resident musicians – especially when things like the three day week and the Miners’ Strike left punters with little money to go out. Though venues were operating at a capacity virtually unheard of when compared to the present day, the period was littered with industrial strife, political turmoil and recession. Drummer Mike Hayes worked through the whole period at venues spanning Chesterfield’s Aquarius to the Fiesta – then...

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