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This is the full-length version of the 1971 Sheffield promotional film that inadvertently fronted one of the most popular films of all time, The Full Monty.

The Reel Monty – originally titled City On The Move - would have been consigned to the archives if it wasn’t for one of the most incredible stories in British movie history.

In 1997, after a long search, the makers of the flick were tracked down by a film company planning a low-budget movie about a bunch of redundant steel workers turning to stripping for a living.

Jim and Marie-Luise Coulthard glady accepted the company’s offer of £400 for the rights to use some of their footage.

By the time The Full Monty received its fifth Oscar nomination, the couple had helped 20th Century Fox gross over £180m!

The Reel Monty captures the booming city of the early 1970s that boasts long-gone civic icons like the Hole In The Road (an award-winning subterranean, pedestrianised area complete with shops, tropical fish tank and all weather escalators) and The Fiesta (the biggest nightclub in Europe that once held a date open for Elvis – he never arrived); the “streets in the sky” of the then ground-breaking Park Hill Flats complex; Sheffield Show in its heyday, Millhouses Park lido and much more.