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Sheffield's Date With Hitler - brand new limited anniversary edition

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This brand new, anniversary edition of the critically acclaimed 'Sheffield's Date With Hitler' is limited to just 200 copies. 

This book is:

* fully updated and includes additional pages

* includes scores of rare pictures and first-hand memories

* includes the story of Sheffield's first air raid - the zeppelin attack in 1916 - and the countdown to World War Two.

* includes a map of where the bombs dropped across Sheffield.


"Sheffield's Date With Hitler' is the most comprehensive and insightful book ever written on the Sheffield Blitz", the Sheffield Star.

About the book:

Sheffielders largely ignored the 7pm air raid sirens on Thursday, December 12, 1940.

They'd grown accustomed to the alarms, they’d nearly all been false.

But tonight was set to be one like no other as hundreds of German bombers headed towards the city.

Sheffield’s pubs, cinemas, hotels and theatres were packed to the rafters as the population put thoughts of the war behind them and decided to start to celebrate Christmas in earnest.

City centre shopping institutions like Atkinsons, Cockaynes, Walsh’s, Redgates, C&A Modes and Marks & Spencer were decked out in festive finery despite the continued air of menace.

As the all clear signal rang out at 4.17am the following morning great swathes of the city centre had been utterly destroyed; hundreds were dead and dying and bombs had been dropped across the entire city, killing indiscriminately.

The shock and devastation of the first night had hardly begun to sink in before the bombers returned three night’s later.

The Sheffield Blitz left over 2,000 citizens killed or injured and 40,000 homeless in the devastating two-night raid. The attacks changed the face of the city forever.

'Sheffield's Date With Hitler' became the catalyst for a massive campaign to remember the sacrifices made by the people of the city in World War Two.

Widely recognised as the most comprehensive book ever written on the Sheffield Blitz. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John Green

Lovely photographs and comments about those dreadful days. Unfortunately I might have to give them to my military history group as we are having to move away to be closer to family members, but have read them avidly in any spare time I have had.

Sheila Kilby
Sheffield’s limited anniversary edition on the Blitz by Neil Anderson.

A wonderful history book for my twin daughters, 53 years old. I’m now almost 82 years old and lived in Sheffield all my life and saw this edition and just had to have it for the girls and their respective families. There was only one “Guide to the 1970s Britain in pictures.”enclosed with the 2 books. Would you be kind enough to send another so I can forward it on. Thanking you so much. I know these will be very much treasured on the bookshelves and handed down to our 3 grandchildren who are all into history at Universities of Lancaster and UVIC Canada. The youngest age 16 at Junior High in Central Oregon.

Thanks very much for your kind words Sheila and apologies you were a book short - it will be in the mail today .


Bought as a present. Interesting information as we come from Sheffield originally.


Brilliant publication.

Gary Hodkinson
Great book about Sheffield history

Great read and very informative with plenty of pertinent photos