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Dirty Stop Outs

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Working Men's Clubs

Are you ready to re-discover your mojo?

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  • Guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back!
  • Packed with photos, rare memorabilia and more
  • The perfect gift for anyone that remembers the golden years of the Working Men’s Clubs in 1970s Britain
  • Includes interviews from the turns, the clubgoers and more
  • Features Marti Caine, Cannon & Ball, Little & Large, Dukes & Lee, Bobby Knutt, Grumbleweeds and scores more
  • A fascinating nostalgia trip.

With nigh on four million members and thousands more waiting eagerly to join, the success of the Working Men's Club movement in 1970s Britain was staggering.

The Working Men's Clubs provided the testing ground for acts that went on to break into mainstream television and true stardom.

'New Faces', 'Opportunity Knocks' and 'Wheeltappers and  Shunter Social Club' - which made stars of comics Bernard Manning and Colin Crompton - were reliant on the Working Men's Clubs for raw talent.

Cannon & Ball, Les Dawson and Little & Large all started in the clubs.

Peter Kay's 'Phoenix Nights' captured a Working Men's Club in decline - the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Working Men's Clubs relives them in their prime.

It has already received major praise from clubland stars spanning the Grumbleweeds to Bernie Clifton.

Dr Ruth  Cherrington- the country's foremost expert on the Working Men's Club movement - has called the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Working Men's Clubs" one of the most accessible and affectionate records of the boom years of the movement ever written".

This guide book will be the perfect gift for anyone that remembers the heyday of this cultural phenomenon.

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Mr Paul Raven

Loved it some of the performers took me back Great