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Dirty Stop Outs

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Sheffield - 10th anniversary collector's edition

Are you ready to re-discover your mojo?

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✅ Personally signed by the author

 Completely updated and packed with additional photos, memories and more

✅ Only 250 collector's edition copies will ever be published  

Individually numbered with exclusive cover

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This is your chance to get your 10th anniversary edition of the 'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Sheffield'. It is personally signed by the author and strictly limited to 250 individually numbered copies. Each one has an exclusive cover.

About the book:

The sixties night scene underwent some of the most radical changes imaginable as the post-war austerity years paled into insignificance and teenage pop and fashion culture came to prominence like never before.

The 'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Sheffield' brings the era back to life with rare memories and photos; interviews with the stars and fans. This 10th anniversary edition brings the era back to life like never before and includes everything from the arrival of the first rock'n'roll package tour in the spring of 1960 that brought Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent to the Gaumont to the opening of the legendary Penthouse nightclub at the end of the era.

The fox-trot, tango and waltz of the fifties dance halls went head-to-head with a new breed of blues, jazz, beat, R&B and rock'n'roll and lost hands down in 1960s Britain.

It was a period that saw the start of a Sheffield influence that would eventually be felt right around the globe with the rise of Peter and Geoff Stringfellow, Joe Cocker, Dave Berry and scores of other home-grown talent.

Sheffield teenagers signed up to the alcohol-free world of the Esquire and King Mojo venues; enjoyed a city littered with cutting edge coffee bars and record shops and caught anyone from Jimi Hendrix to The Kinks playing some of their earliest UK gigs.

Whether you were loved up with flower power; preaching counter-culture with the beatniks; fighting it out with the mods and rockers; lounging it up in cabaret land's Cavendish or winkle-picking your way down the West Street run, sixties Sheffield grew to become one of the UK's most revered and varied after dark destinations in Northern England.

This book will be the perfect gift for anyone that remembers this amazing era. 


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Michael George
Dirty Stop Outs - I was There and I was One.

Great memories of the 60's - best decade ever.