What's inside your five volume collection?

'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1950s Sheffield' - from rock'n'roll to skiffle via the City Hall Ballroom dances

Our first volume takes you back to the era of rock'n'roll, jazz, skiffle, the teddy boys, and the rise of the teenager.

Revisit weekend dances at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom and trips to the Locarno, Sheffield Empire, the Gaumont, and more.

This is an era of innocence and rebellion, of rationing and bombsites, and it will set the scene for everything that came next...

'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Sheffield' - from teenage clubs to flower power via the King Mojo

Our second volume takes you back to the era of teenage clubs, flower power, mini-skirts and all with a Sheffield twist!
This was the era of King Mojo, the Esquire, the Cavendish, the Locarno, the Sidewalk Cafe and more.
It was the rise of local stars like Joe Cocker and Dave Berry and five legendary shows by the Beatles.
And this will whet your appetite for the arrival of the mighty 1970s...

'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Sheffield' - from the Fiesta cabaret club to West Street's legendary Limit

Our third volume takes you to the biggest nightclub in the whole of Europe - the city's glitzy Fiesta cabaret club - via the much-missed Hole-In-The-Road.

You'll be visiting the Hofbrauhaus, Josephines, the Penny Farthing, the Crazy Daizy, The Limit, and more.

This was an era defined by industrial action and glam rock... And it paved the way for our fourth volume...


'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1980s Sheffield' - from the rise of the Human League to Def Leppard conquering the USA

Our fourth volume lets you witness the rise of the city's iconic electro-pop sound with acts like the Human League, Heaven 17 and ABC becoming mainstays of dancefloors worldwide.

You'll be transported back to venues like the Roxy, Josephines, The Limit, Romeo & Juliets, Wapentake, Leadmill, Rebels (and you'll be buying your shoes from Rebina).

It was era defined by Margaret Thatcher and the Miners' Strike and and sets the scene for our fifth and final volume.

'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1990s Sheffield - from Pulp to the Full Monty via the Republic

Volume five concludes our epic, five decade journey and what a climax! Jarvis Cocker's Pulp finally hits the big time and leads the Brit Pop charge whilst the city's starring role in The Full Monty makes the city famous worldwide.

The interest leads to massive investment in new music venues and nightclubs with Republic, Club Wow, Rhythm Room, the Arches, the Music Factory, Bed, the Casbah, the Adelphi, Corporation all opening in the era.

This 50 year journey is inspiring and humorous in equal measure. The Sheffield people have never lost that spirit of excitement and enjoyment. The music created by the artists through the decades has truly stood the test of time.

  • Brilliant collection

    "This fascinating collection takes you from the dawn of rock'n'roll when nights out revolved around the likes of dances at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom and the Locarno - my era - right through to the nights out of my daughter who'd frequent dance clubs like the Republic in the 1990s. What a journey!"

  • A perfect gift

    "Ordered this collection for my dad, and he's been immersed in it ever since. Memories are flooding back, and he's loving every page!"

  • A time capsule through Sheffield's musical past

    "These books are like a magic portal to the past. Each decade unveils a unique musical landscape, and the signed, first-edition copies make it a collector's dream. The memories are priceless!"

Why will you fall in love with this collection?

Your own personal time machine

Immerse yourself in a five decade journey, reliving the memories and mementos of individuals who, like you, experienced those iconic eras. You might even spot yourself or a family member!

Cherished mementos

We've all keep cherished mementos from our youth: faded concert tickets, 7-inch vinyl, and — providing someone actually had a camera way back when — the odd photo. But they're either getting damp in the corner of the attic, or have been inadvertently thrown out after your last house move. Owning this set of books is like having the fairy godmother of all collectors dedicating their lives to curating the very best material from five decades of pop culture in Sheffield - no library, no museum, no Facebook Group has even a tenth of the material that's contained in these titles.

Memories on demand

These A4-sized coffee table books are a visual delight, ensuring that every flip of the page triggers a flood of amazing memories. A smile is guaranteed with each opening.

Tactile experience

These are books you can touch, feel, and lose yourself in (forget this digital nonsense - this is for people who know better!)

The story of our collection

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