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We need your memories and pictures from ‘70s Birmingham!

Muddy Waters and Dirty Stop Outs' author Jim Simpson

Jim Simpson and Muddy Waters in the 1970s

It was an era defined by questionable fashion and industrial strife and our two Birmingham authors need your help as they bring it back to life for us.

Brothers Jim and Ron Simpson want your photos and memories from ‘70s Birmingham for our forthcoming book that’s set to celebrate the city in the era.

Jim is arguably more qualified than most to write about the decade – he helped create success for one of the city’s biggest cultural exports of the era, Black Sabbath.

He was their first manager and helped take their second album, Paranoid, to the top of the charts. He also ran music clubs in the city together with running his pioneering Big Bear Records.

Jim, together with his brother Ron, are writing the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Birmingham’ that’s set to be out in the autumn.

The book is set to chronicle the city’s thriving nightlife, music and social scene of the era and is set to follow our best-selling editions of the book series that have been previously launched in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Coventry.

Jim Simpson is no stranger to best-selling success. In 2019 he released ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout The Bear – From Blues to Jazz, Rock & Roll and Black Sabbath’ in partnership with his brother Ron. The book covers Jim’s sixty year career in music – which also includes being director of the Birmingham Jazz Festival.

Jim (left) and Ron Simpson

Jim (left) and Ron Simpson

Jim Simpson said: “It was the decade that gave us everything from disco to punk via heavy rock and Two-Tone and Birmingham had one of the best after dark scenes in the UK. We’re very keen to hear from anyone that has memories and photos from the era.”

Jim can be contacted on admin@bigbearmusic.com and Ron on ronsimpson942@btinternet.com


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