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The Rum Runner Club: Birmingham's Legendary Music Venue

The Rum Runner Club, a name that evokes a bygone era of Birmingham's vibrant music scene, remains a symbol of cultural transformation and creativity. Situated in the bustling heart of Birmingham, the twenty-plus year life of this venue saw it survive and thrive through massive cultural shifts in popular music tastes. From its 1964 opening to its eventual closure in the last 1980s, the Rum Runner Club's legacy is a rich tapestry of history, music, and nightlife that continues to fascinate people.

Entrance to the legendary Rum Runner

Where is the Rum Runner club, or more accurately, where was it? The club was located on Broad Street, in the heart of Birmingham's entertainment district. It famously became the launchpad for Duran Duran, serving as the Duran Duran Birmingham club where they were the resident band with group members having various jobs in the venue. They were also managed by the club's owners.

But, what happened to the Rum Runner in Birmingham? Despite its success and iconic status, the venue closed its doors in 1987. The question of what happened to the Rum Runner is tied to the redevelopment pressures and the changing landscapes of Birmingham's nightlife and entertainment districts. The club was demolished to make way for the expansion and modernisation of the city, a common fate for many historic venues.

Who is the owner of the Rum Runner? The club was owned by the Berrow brothers, who transformed the venue from a traditional cabaret club into a thriving nightclub that became the epicentre of the New Romantic movement. Their vision for the Rum Runner was instrumental in creating a space that nurtured talent and innovation.

Duran Duran in the early days

It was a very different scene when they started in the sixties. Black Sabbath were regulars in their early days and the house band was Magnum.

The venue went on to offer free rehearsal space to Dexy's Midnight Runners and UB40 and is prominently featured in our 'Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Birmingham' book. The Beat also filmed their video for the single 'Mirror In The Bathroom' at the club.

What year did the Rum Runner close? The club bid farewell to its patrons in 1987, marking the end of an era for Birmingham's music and nightlife scene. The closure of the Rum Runner was felt deeply by those who had come of age within its walls, signifying the passing of a pivotal cultural landmark.

Where is the Rum Runner blue plaque? In recognition of its significant contribution to the city's cultural history, a blue plaque was installed near the site of the former club. This plaque serves as a reminder of the Rum Runner's impact and its place in Birmingham's musical legacy.

What is the Rum Runner in Birmingham now? The site where the Rum Runner once stood has since been redeveloped, reflecting the city's ongoing evolution. However, the memory of the club lives on through Rum Runner Birmingham photos, memorabilia, and the stories of those who experienced its heyday.

The legacy of the Rum Runner Club is not just in the music that was played within its walls or the bands that it launched into the stratosphere. It lies in the spirit of creativity, innovation, and community that the club embodied — a spirit that continues to inspire new generations of musicians and music lovers alike. The Rum Runner may no longer exist in its physical form, but its influence on Birmingham's cultural landscape and its contribution to the music world are indelible.

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