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It’s no surprise the kids ended up as staunch clubgoers in later years. Their own experience of life with the ‘club family’ started at an early age and happy memories of the ‘club trip’ were etched into their DNA. It was regularly a military operation involving scores of coaches heading for the coast depending on size of club and number of children involved. They were well organised and gave a sense of amazing freedom to the kids that got to roam about a sea resort for the day on their own. Cleethorpes, Bridlington, Blackpool and Skegness were always popular destinations...

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The highlight of the year for families, whatever their incomes, was undoubtedly the annual summer holiday.
It was the brief window in the year when everyone seemed to live like a king and had the apparent capacity to spend with seemingly reckless abandon (due largely to the thrift-like saving that had gone on for the 12 months prior).

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