Chesterfield’s retro clubs inspire new options for fashionistas - Dirty Stop Outs

Chesterfield’s retro clubs inspire new options for fashionistas

Carl Flint and Neil Anderson and the new range of T-shirts

Some of the town’s most iconic pubs and nightclubs of the ‘80s have been re-born as the new must-haves of summer fashion.

An entire range of apparel has gone to sale dedicated to celebrating long-gone Chesterfield icons like the Adam & Eve, Fusion, Hare & Greyhound, Aquarius, and Manhattan.

The idea is the brainchild of Neil Anderson, publisher of the celebrated Dirty Stop Outs book series, and renowned Chesterfield-born illustrator Carl Flint.

“I’d been mulling over the idea of launching a range of merchandise for a while and lockdown persuaded me to do it”, said Neil Anderson.

“Shops were shut for months and supply chains were broken which meant many leading clothing brands were unable to fulfill orders.

“Everything we do is hand-printed in the region so we don’t have any problems.”

The clothing has been inspired by the success of Neil Anderson’s Dirty Stop Outs books that have enjoyed a best-selling status in town.

Carl Flint, one of the country’s foremost illustrators that has worked for the NME, Guardian and Channel 4, said ‘80s Chesterfield provided a rich palate of pop culture for inspiration.

“The town might have been hit hard by the recession and the Miners Strike in the era but it never lost the ability to enjoy itself. Chesterfield was awash with venues and bars and the merchandise reflects the amazing breadth of what was on offer.”

You can check out the new range here

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