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Women of Steel/Sheffield Blitz DVD

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✅ Contains rare interviews, archive footage and the story of Sheffield's Women of Steel finally gaining recognition

✅ Includes rare footage of Sheffield in the aftermath of the Blitz

In Sheffield's Barker's Pool there now stands a stunning statue in recognition of the contribution thousands of South Yorkshire women made in World War Two.

The Women of Steel kept the British soldiers fighting in the dark days of World War Two.

They took their places in the steel mills and produced the parts for guns, bullets, tanks, ships and planes that were vital to defeating Hitler.

This DVD was produced as part of the campaign to finally give them the recognition they deserved.

This is their story and contains rare interviews, archive footage and the story of Sheffield’s Women of Steel visiting 10 Downing Street in 2009.

The DVD also contains rare footage of the aftermath of the Sheffield Blitz in December 1940 and the King and Queen visiting the bombed-out city together with a fascinating gas attack drill in the very centre of the city just before the outbreak of hostilities.


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