The Charade Nightclub - The Untold Story

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This is Keith Brisland's story of a small, unlikely corner of South Yorkshire that was at the cutting edge of the music scene for eighteen years and was the start of a multi-million-pound leisure empire..

The nightclub was the Charade in Rotherham and its owner was Dave Allen. He put his house on the line to finance the lease - it was his first-ever nightclub.

These days he's worth £60m and presides over an entertainment empire - that empire grew from the Charade.

The book includes interviews from former DJs like Eric Dewsnap, Melvyn 'Speedy' Kaye, Sean Hampsey and Neil 'Noddy' St John and explains how the venue helped shape numerous music genres including the rise and fall of Tamla Motown, progressive rock, punk rock, disco and the new romantics. It explains how the DJs learnt their trade and chronicles the rise of Rick Stuart who went on to mix three number one hit singles for Jive Bunny and worked as a Radio One producer alongside Bruno Brookes, Mark Goodier and Paul Gambaccini. There are first-hand accounts from the people who used to work for Allen at the Charade such as Mick Bradford, Dave Growns and John Rose.

And we will learn about Allen's involvement with William Hague's family who used to supply the drinks to the Charade and his growing nightclub business. It is a story that describes the evolution of Northern Soul, of night time trips across the country to Wolverhampton, Manchester and Stoke on Trent, the All England Dancing Competition, drugs, jail sentences, Formula One, mayors and chief constables.