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Dirty Stop Outs

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield - Wapentake Edition - Rock 'n' Roll Collector's Edition

Are you ready to re-discover your mojo?

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🤘 Packed with rare photos and memories

🤘 Exclusive cover.

About the book:

The Wapentake was a Sheffield rock institution like no other.

It reigned supreme for nearly three decades.

The Wapentake never set out to be the region’s heavy metal epi-centre – it was actually owned by the Grosvenor House Hotel upstairs - but all that changed with the arrival of Olga Marshall in the early 1970s.

Shoppers luncheons were quickly replaced by nightly packed houses of rock music loving, Newcastle Brown drinking fans of demin and leather.

"The Wapentake was my life. I miss it so, so much. I met lifelong friends down there. It was a venue like no other. There will never be anywhere like the Wapentake."

It was a favourite of fledgling local rock band Def Leppard – they even returned to perform for Olga in front of the world’s press in 1995 – and became a welcoming melting pot for generations of rockers, punks, bikers, goths and more.

The 1980s saw the Wapentake truly come into its own with the rise of Rebels rock club, Roxy Rock Night and heavy metal dominating the charts at the end of the era.

Olga Marshall – who sadly passed away in 2019 - was an unlikely figurehead for the rock music listening clientele.

Always impeccably dressed, she was already a mother of four by the early 1970s. She didn’t smoke and she rarely drank alcohol.

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to Sheffield – Wapentake Edition’ pulls together scores of rare photos, memories and more to tell the story of this true rock institution.

The book also includes details of other alternative and rock venues of the era including Rebels, the Limit, the Leadmill and more.


What our readers say - here's a selection of some of our recent reviews: 


“Bought this as a present for my dad who was in his 20s during 1970s Sheffield. He absolutely loved it! 100% worth the money and then some. Will definitely look at other editions as gifts also. Thank you! My dad was over the moon.”

5 stars not enough – I’d give 10!

“Would give 10 stars if I could - I couldn’t stop smiling, bought back so many memories of all the different fashions and bands. The books are fantastic and I love all the photos of Chesterfield during those fabulous years. Brilliant books, highly recommend, didn’t want them to end!”

Fantastic Trip Down Memory Lane

“Brilliant book and fantastic collection of photos. Keep going back to it again and again. Thanks so much for bringing my much-missed youth back to life.” 🙏🌷

Those were the days

“I loved this book! I adored the pictures of my old haunts. Very informative, it filled in gaps that I was too young to appreciate at the time. Those were the days. What a brilliant time we had, feel very privileged to have seen so many good bands locally so its good to see it in print. Even a picture of the pub where I worked a few evenings after the Saturday job in town!”

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Gould

Brought back more than a few memories!! Recognised a few familiar faces among the many photos. I'm actually in one of the photos on the cover,bottom right in the centre of three of us,all dressed in denim. I remember the guy took the photo one night,I think he was from The Star. Being from down the road in Chesterfield we seldom saw the paper, but Olga greeted us a couple of weeks later with a brown envelope containing three copies. What a lady she was for sure, took no crap and commanded the utmost respect.
All in all a great book for anyone who was fortunate to walk down those stairs into the 'Wap@

Jayne Abrahams

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield - Wapentake Edition - Rock 'n' Roll Collector's Edition - signed

Ian Jenkins

A truly facinating book. I once thought I'd dreamt the late '70s appearance of Def Leppard at the Wapentake. This confirms it was all true!

Reece Robinson

Both books arrived a lot quicker than expected. Even received a freebee book! Made a great Christmas present.

Andrew Johnson

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield - Wapentake Edition