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Dirty Stop Outs

Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Sheffield - King Mojo edition

Are you ready to re-discover your mojo?

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The influence of most clubs are consigned to the decade they operated in and the people that frequented them.
But the impact of Sheffield’s King Mojo has spanned generations. It has become a byword for cool.
It was the venue that cemented the legendary partnership that was Peter and Geoff Stringfellow before the brothers went on to conquer the world.
King Mojo was the teenage club that persuaded artists that went on to become some of the biggest names in music to perform in the most unlikely area of suburban Sheffield in late 1960s.
The venue was at the forefront of teenage pop and fashion culture as the post-war austerity years paled into insignificance. This book contains scores of rare King Mojo photos, memories and more. It also celebrates the night scene of 1960s Sheffield. Whether you were loved up with flower power; preaching counter-culture with the beatnicks; fighting it out with the mods and rockers; lounging it up in cabaret land or winkle- picking your way down the West Street run, the city grew to become one of the UK’s most revered and varied after dark destinations in Northern England and King Mojo was at the forefront.

  • Guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back!
  • Packed with scores of photos, rare memorabilia and more
  • The perfect gift for anyone that remembers Sheffield in the 1960s
  • This critically acclaimed book features King Mojo, the Esquire, Club 60, Sheffield City Hall, the Cavendish, Black Cat, Blue Moon, Sidewalk Cafe, Wilson Peck, and much more
  • A fascinating nostalgia trip.