Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1980s Sheffield - Limit Edition

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The Sheffield of the eighties wasn’t a place for the faint hearted. The socialist town hall was at war with the Thatcher government; Scargill was masterminding the Miners’ Strike 400 yards up the road and a whole generation was left traumatised following the first public airing of ‘Threads’ - the harrowing 1984 docu-drama about a nuclear attack on Sheffield.

But at least you could rely on West Street’s subterranean Limit – one of the city’s most iconic venues of recent decades. Whether it be witnessing the time U2 performed to 14 people or watching the UK debut of the B-52s, this place helped launch the city’s electro dominance of the early 1980s and provided a decade of club nights. 

Whilst many venues were struggling in the early eighties as the redundancy pay-packets ran out for thousands of steelworkers, the nearby Josephine’s thrived with its own in house champagne league.

Mass market entertainment was provided at the sprawling Roxy, Cairo Jax and others and The Leadmill became a beacon for protest and utopian ideology.
X Clothes and Rebina were fashion icons of the era whilst the Hole in the Road, once a proud symbol of civic pride and post-war regeneration, was left to fall into rack and ruin. 

  • Guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back!
  • Packed with scores of photos, rare memorabilia and more
  • The perfect gift for anyone that remembers Sheffield in the 1980s
  • This critically acclaimed book features the Roxy, Dingwalls, the Leadmill, Rebels, Roger & Out, Romeo & Juliet’s, X Clothes Josephine’s and much more
  • A fascinating nostalgia trip.

The perfect gift for anyone that remembers this amazing era.