Forgotten Memories From A Forgotten Blitz

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Sheffield always knew it was in Hitler's sights.

It wasn't a case of if, it was always a case of when.

But no amount of emergency planning could ever have prepared the city for the hell unleashed on two nights in December 1940.

These weren't just raids aimed at wiping out the armaments industry in the East End like everyone expected; this was an aerial holocaust that struck terror across the length and breadth of an entire city.

Sheffield lay in ruins, hundreds were left dead and dying and almost a tenth of the population were left homeless.

'Forgotten Memories From A Forgotten Blitz' is the story through the eyes of the people that were there in the thick of the hell.

Scores of eye-witnesses, many now in their nineties, have revisited two of the most horrific nights in Sheffield's history to help put this together.

These incredible stories include 94-year-old Douglas Lightning who's reputed to be the last surviving fireman that was on duty on those two fateful nights; 92-year-old Joyce Spurr who emerged from the public air raid shelter to help co-ordinate the relief effort and Maurice Wilkinson, one of the last ever customers at Change Alley's historic King's Head Hotel who dodged the bombs to ensure he got back to his parents so they could all die together.

'Forgotten Memories From A Forgotten Blitz' has been compiled by 'Sheffield's Date With Hitler' author Neil Anderson as a way to help remember the incredible sacrifices the city and its people made in an event that's sadly now referred to as 'the forgotten Blitz'.