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They kept the flag flying for rock music in the late ‘70s and next month they return to one of their old stomping grounds. The Penthouse Action Committee (PAC) was formed when the owners of the Penthouse nightclub – sited above Castle Market and first opened in 1969 - threatened to dispense with heavy metal nights. Rock music was having a pretty tortuous existence in the latter half of the 1970s in Sheffield thanks to the rise of punk rock. Arduous guitar solos, long hair and songs about wizards suddenly became as unfashionable as flared trousers. Heavy rock had no...

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Pic by Bill Stephenson Tens of thousands climbed the stairs to a rock nightclub set high above Dixon Lane until it shuts its doors for the last time in the mid-1990s – to the dismay of many. Now memories of Sheffield’s Rebels venue is set to live on thanks to a brand new book. ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to Sheffield – Rebels Edition’ tells the story of the club that grew from unlikely beginnings to become one of the most popular rock nightclubs in the country. The venue was originally opened as the Penthouse by Peter and Geoff Stringfellow in...

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Rock music was having a pretty tortuous existence in the latter half of the 1970s in Sheffield.

It was all sweetness and light in the early part of the decade with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath rising to prominence. 

But by 1976 a decidedly unwelcome guest had gate-crashed the party in the shape of punk rock.

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Few people realise Peter Stringfellow had more than a little hand in the future launch of the region’s undisputed king of rock clubs. It was he that opened the Penthouse in 1969 in the space destined became Rebels years later. His love affair with the venue sited many floors above Dixon Lane didn’t last long. If it had, well, there might have never been a rock club at all. Peter Stringfellow, and his brother Geoff,  had already achieved massive success in Sheffield in the years preceding the Penthouse opening. Their Burngreave-based King Mojo teenage club attracted stars spanning Jimi Hendix...

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