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It’s a day we sometimes wondered would ever come - and then it got delayed for another month... So our “Back To The Roxy” is set to finally take place on Saturday, August 21st. We’ll be celebrating one of the city’s most popular nightclubs in history at its former home, the 02 Academy. “Back To The Roxy” promises to be the reunion of a generation. Get your dancing shoes ready for the biggest hits of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Few venues were more high profile than Sheffield’s Roxy nightclub when it opened in the 1980s. The nightclub became famous nationally as...

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Massive thanks to the hundreds that voted in our recent poll to decide Sheffield’s best club of the 1970s - we were truly bowled over by the interest! There really was only ever going to be one winner - the Fiesta. Like it or loath it, Sheffield had seen nothing like the palatial cabaret club when it opened in the summer of 1970. It truly set the standard for everything that followed in the era. The purpose-built venue cost £500,000. The equilvant investment today would run into tens of millions. The Fiesta had over 100 staff and attracted the biggest...

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Original Rebels DJ Bob Maltby was kind enough to contribute to forthcoming 'Signing On For The Devil - the Rise of Steel City Rock'. Here's a bit of a sneak preview (early pics courtesy of Shirley Freeman). He was one of Sheffield’s earliest rock DJs. He started at the Penthouse and carved out a name for himself in the early years of Rebels as well as doing stints at KGB and the Saddle. He remembers: “It all began way back in about 1977/1978, I was a customer in the Penthouse and became friends with the DJ who was called Dave...

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It was one of Sheffield’s most popular pubs and some have never got over the day it shut in 1973. In fact the owners were that worried about souvenir hunters they never formally announced its last day. The city’s Buccaneer was probably more a labyrinth than straightforward pub. It was actually a collection of dimly lit bars with a decidedly nautical theme.

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Expect big queues at Chubbys this weekend as punters turn up in their droves to enjoy their final kebabs and burgers from the Cambridge Street institution.

We’ve already heard stories of people preparing to travel hundreds of miles across the country for the final taste of their melted cheese.

If the reaction to our Chubbys merchandise is anything to go by there will be protests if they don’t find a new home in the coming months.

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