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Pic by Bill Stephenson Tens of thousands climbed the stairs to a rock nightclub set high above Dixon Lane until it shuts its doors for the last time in the mid-1990s – to the dismay of many. Now memories of Sheffield’s Rebels venue is set to live on thanks to a brand new book. ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to Sheffield – Rebels Edition’ tells the story of the club that grew from unlikely beginnings to become one of the most popular rock nightclubs in the country. The venue was originally opened as the Penthouse by Peter and Geoff Stringfellow in...

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Even five postponements hasn’t dented enthusiasm for our ‘Back to The Roxy’ event which finally takes place in just over two week’s time! Over 1,000 tickets have already been sold for the clubnight that re-creates one of Sheffield’s most famous venues. Dancefloor-starved clubbers are being promised the “reunion of a lifetime” as the retro sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s help turn the 02 Academy back into its older guise - the Roxy. Few venues were more high profile than Barry Noble’s famous nightclub that operated in the city in the 1980s and 1990s. The nightclub became famous nationally as...

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Sheffield’s retro rock community are set to be one of the first groups to legally return to the dancefloor later this month. This week’s Government green light for ‘freedom day’ means a Wapentake reunion that celebrates the publication of our brand new book on the legendary underground bar will definitely take place at the city’s Corporation nightclub on Saturday, July 31st,, 2021. Half the tickets have already been sold for the event that is headlined by Ken Hall – the rock DJ that made his name at the original venue. Landlady Olga Marshall was the face of the Wapentake bar...

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It’s no surprise the kids ended up as staunch clubgoers in later years. Their own experience of life with the ‘club family’ started at an early age and happy memories of the ‘club trip’ were etched into their DNA. It was regularly a military operation involving scores of coaches heading for the coast depending on size of club and number of children involved. They were well organised and gave a sense of amazing freedom to the kids that got to roam about a sea resort for the day on their own. Cleethorpes, Bridlington, Blackpool and Skegness were always popular destinations...

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They were like chalk and cheese in the 1960s but these days they’re renowned as two of Sheffield’s most decade-defining venues.

King Mojo and the Esquire – two hugely popular teenage clubs that brought acts to the city spanning the Kinks to Jimi Hendrix - are being brought back to life later this week as part of the online ‘Talking About Our Generation’ festival.

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