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Danesmoor sisters Marie Brierley and Kay Booker were first in the queue when we were looking for people to re-enact the photos that appear on the cover of our new ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1980s Chesterfield – In Pictures’. The sisters happily settled back into the pose they first struck in Woolies photo-booth in the town over three decades earlier with one exception – modern life dictated the cigarette had to be replaced by an e-cig… The ‘then and now’ shot has become a massive Facebook hit with over 30,000 viewing it within hours of it being uploaded. Author...

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It became one of the most popular books in Chesterfield's history and we want you to star in its return! Our ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1980s Chesterfield’ celebrated the town in an era dominated by nightclubs like the Aquarius, Moulin Rouge and the Adam & Eve. The book – which was originally published in 2013 – was an overnight success when it was launched and went on to sell thousands of copies. Further editions followed on the 1960s, 1970s and the 1990s and a range of merchandise was launch in 2020. Now author Neil Anderson now set to launch...

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It’s an era that has long been dismissed as a car crash of bad fashion and industrial strife. But do the 1970s get a raw deal? Do we conveniently forget there were seismic differences in social norms five decades ago as the era dawned? Are we maybe a bit hasty consigning great swathes of the era’s light entertainment industry to the bin marked ‘un-PC’ – shows and comedies that transfixed much of the nation back then and pulled in audiences of fifteen million-plus each time? Is it more a case we’ve chosen to remove the rose-tinted spectacles that turn the...

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