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Though people talk about the golden years of the cabaret and Working Men’s Club circuit of the 1970s and early 1980s, it definitely was anything but plain sailing for venues and their resident musicians – especially when things like the three day week and the Miners’ Strike left punters with little money to go out. Though venues were operating at a capacity virtually unheard of when compared to the present day, the period was littered with industrial strife, political turmoil and recession. Drummer Mike Hayes worked through the whole period at venues spanning Chesterfield’s Aquarius to the Fiesta – then...

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The toll of casualties over the years must stretch into the thousands as groups steered themselves to attempt a rite of passage rarely matched in the entire country at the time.

The Brampton Mile started, in the 1980s at least, in the middle-class surroundings of the Terminus Hotel (closed around 1999 and now demolished). It was such a legend we've now launched a brand new T-shirt to celebrate its (questionable) legacy.

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Some of Chesterfield's most iconic pubs and nightclubs of the ‘80s have been re-born as the new must-haves of fashion.

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It’s testament to the longevity of one of the sixties’ most enduring pop shows. Over fifty years since it first hit the screens and its title is still a byword for modernist cool and cutting edge artists. Most local pop fans had to make do with watching Ready, Steady Go! (or RSG) on the TV. But one Chesterfield resident, Linda Biggs, went one better and was lucky enough to travel to London to see the show being recorded. Her story appears in our best-seller, the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s Chesterfield’ by Pete Dodd. Linda Biggs: “I had no...

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