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An art project that was originally conceived as a way to help people get through the monotony of lockdown has gone on public display for the first time. The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Gail Smith, officially unveiled ‘Sheffield’s iconic venues – re-imagined in lockdown’ at the Moor Market this week. She was joined by artist Alan Pennington and Dirty Stop Outs’ Neil Anderson. Scores of punters that frequented local venues stretching right back to the mid-1960s were invited to share their memories as part of the project. Dirty Stop Outs’ Neil Anderson said: “I put the call out for...

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Adrian McKenna has co-authored our brand new 'Eddie Cochran: A Fast Moving Beat Show - The Story of the Final, Fatal UK Tour' book. The title truly confirms the incredible talent that was Eddie Cochran as he mesmerised UK audiences in the spring of 1960. But what if he hadn't tragically died just hours after the last date in Bristol? Adrian McKenna attempts to answer one of rock'n'roll's most enduring questions: 'If' is one of the smallest words, yet its transformative potential is almost infinite. When he died in 1960, 21-year-old Eddie Cochran was already a veteran of the music...

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It’s no surprise the kids ended up as staunch clubgoers in later years. Their own experience of life with the ‘club family’ started at an early age and happy memories of the ‘club trip’ were etched into their DNA. It was regularly a military operation involving scores of coaches heading for the coast depending on size of club and number of children involved. They were well organised and gave a sense of amazing freedom to the kids that got to roam about a sea resort for the day on their own. Cleethorpes, Bridlington, Blackpool and Skegness were always popular destinations...

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Sheffield and the wider South Yorkshire region has always punched well above its weight in the rock department. It has produced multi-million selling bands like Def Leppard and Saxon – even Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was schooled here. Sheffielder Pete Gill drummed for Saxon and ended up in Mötorhead. The Bailey Brothers – DJs that ended up fronting MTV’s first rock show – hail from Killamarsh. They might never have achieved the success they did had it not been for the camaraderie and support provided by the city’s venues and the sprawling communities attached to them . Few places produced...

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They were like chalk and cheese in the 1960s but these days they’re renowned as two of Sheffield’s most decade-defining venues.

King Mojo and the Esquire – two hugely popular teenage clubs that brought acts to the city spanning the Kinks to Jimi Hendrix - are being brought back to life later this week as part of the online ‘Talking About Our Generation’ festival.

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