Were you a Dirty Stop Out in 1970s Coventry?

Coventry's own Selecter in action
Coventry's own Selecter in action
Coventry’s own Selecter in action

The era defined by glam rock, industrial action, lager and the rise of punk, ska and 2-Tone, is set to be immortalised in a new book by renowned local author Ruth Cherrington.

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Coventry’ will celebrate the era dominated by venues like the Locarno Ballroom (the ‘Rockhouse’ as it was called!), Mr. George’s and many popular city pubs, live music venues, and eateries.

Author Ruth Cherrington – who wrote the much acclaimed ‘Not Just Beer and Bingo! A Social History of Working Men’s Clubs,’ is going right back to her own Dirty Stop Out roots in this project. She will not only be revisiting the scene of many of her own youthful nights out but those of all fun-loving Coventry folk.

Ruth is keen to include as many memories, newspaper clippings, photos and memorabilia as possible and is calling on people to contact her with their stories. Were you a regular at the Market Tavern or Silver Sword? Did you love the Locarno or prefer The 40 Thieves? Did you often begin or finish off your night out with a curry, a Chinese or a pork batch at the Parson’s Nose?

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide’ series has already proved a massive hit in Sheffield – one volume even persuaded a couple to re-marry after nearly 30 years apart! We’re delighted that Coventry is now getting the Dirty Stop Out’s treatment!

Ruth Cherrington said: “I want this guide to truly represent 1970s Coventry; to be everybody’s scrapbook of a great time in their lives, and for that, I need your input.

“It was the era of questionable fashion, go-go dancers, strikes and dancing round handbags. But Coventry was at the centre of much that was happening in the music world and its own successful bands put it on the map. The 1970s were also a time of community values, when everyone knew everyone else and looked out for each other.’

Email your memories and photos to: r.cherrington@yahoo.com

Comments and photos can also be added to the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Coventry’ Facebook Group.

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Coventry’ is set to be out in the autumn.

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