Were you a Dirty Stop Out in 1970s Barnsley?


The era defined by glam rock and industrial action is set to be immortalised in our new book – and the author wants your help.

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Barnsley’ is set to celebrate the era dominated by venues like Club Ba-Ba and The Londoner, and the heyday of Barnsley’s Civic Theatre.

Author Nik Farah is keen to include as many memories, newspaper clippings and photos as possible and is urging people to contact her with their stories. Were you a regular ’round town’ during the glam decade? Did you take part in Barnsley’s first Mayor’s Parade in ’73? Did you march in the Barnsley Bitter protest of ’74?

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide’ series has already proved a massive hit in Sheffield – one volume even persuaded a couple to re-marry after nearly 30 years apart! We’re honoured to be giving Barnsleyimage4 the Dirty Stop Out’s treatment!

Nik Farah said: “I want this guide to truly represent 1970s Barnsley; to be everybody’s scrapbook of a great time in their lives, and for that, I need your input.

“It was the era of questionable fashion, go-go dancers, glam rock and industrial action. What’s more, it was a time of community, a time when everyone knew everyone else – especially in a town like Barnsley. Who did you fancy? Who were your best mates? Cast your mind back 40 years and start digging through those old photo albums.

“The early seventies was a prosperous time for Barnsley. The sheer variety of venues on offer in the 1970s totally dwarfs what there is today – pubs, Working Mens’ Clubs, nightclubs, bingo halls and so much more. I want to know what made it special for you. Were you a Barnsley Chronicle ‘Girl Friday?’ Did you shop at Rita Britton’s Pollyanna? Do you remember seeing Barnsley’s resident photographer Stan Bulmer out and about with his camera slung around his neck? Who remembers Paul Daniels living in a caravan in Cawthorne?

“My favourite quote so far comes from one chap I spoke with, who said: ‘these young people today think they invented misbehaving, they have no idea the kind of things we got up to!’

“Barnsley – I want to hear all about it!”

image3Email your thoughts and photos to: dirtystopoutsbarnsley@gmail.com

Comments and photos can also be added to the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Barnsley’ Facebook page.

The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Barnsley’ is set to be out in the autumn.

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