Peter Stringfellow wants your memories of ’60s London nightlife!

Peter Stringfellow is our co-author

We’re thrilled to announce that Peter Stringfellow has agreed to be the co-author of the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s London’!

Peter Stringfellow is our co-author
Peter Stringfellow – co-author of the Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s London

Though his name is a byword for glitzy, 21st century nightlife in London, he first made his name in the capital in the 1960s and is keen for people to share their own personal memories and photos for possible inclusion.

Peter Stringfellow said: “I was already making a name for myself in London in the era through my job as warm up presenter on the Ready Steady Go programme and I’d regularly be visiting key clubs like Wardour Street’s renowned Flamingo to search out bands to play my own venue back in Sheffield, the King Mojo.

“It was a fantastic era to be growing up in and I’m keen for people to give us their own memories and photos of life in 1960s London.”

Peter Stringfellow will write the book with author Neil Anderson. The pair previously launched the ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s Sheffield’ in Peter’s hometown in 2011 with Dave Manvell, biographer of the King Mojo club.

Authors Peter Stringfellow and Neil Anderson
Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s London authors Peter Stringfellow and Neil Anderson

Please send memories and photos to:

But bear in mind deadline for receipt of information is Friday, Oct 30. The ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1960s London’ will be published in 2016.

Here’s a few questions to get you started. Please write as much (or as little) as you like and please note that we always work hard to ensure we feature contributions from EVERYONE that is kind enough to take the time to give us their memories so your efforts will never be in vain!

1) What’s your fondest memory of 1960s London?

2) Did you have a favourite nightspot(s)? If so, tell us about it – why did you like it so much?

3) Did you go to many gigs? If so, what were the most memorable and why?

4) Did you meet many of the stars in the era? If so, tell me about the experience(s).

5) How did you dress in the era? Where did you get your clothes? What rituals did you have when getting ready to go out?

6) Please confirm your name (as you’d like to be described in the book) and ladies, could we have your maiden name as well (the one you’d have been known as in the 1960s if you’d be happy for us to use it?). If you’d like to remain anonymous that’s fine – just let us know!

Thanks again for your help. Please email all information to us at: (and if there’s anyone else you think we should be speaking to then please let us know!)

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